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Will google index a .co url domain name?

Mobile Website Design – local business SEO

Google Mobile website design SEO Mobile freindly websites

Is your Website mobile phone friendly? Are you loosing clients because Google doesn’t list your website because it isn’t mobile friendly? Reputation Crew™ does Mobile website design and mobile website conversions for your website. We can change your website to a mobile friendly design that allows you to sail past your competition. Google searches and… Read more [+]


Dental Reputation Management — San Diego

The purpose of this post is to highlight an important aspect local business marketing and how a dental practice can build their business by focusing on their online reputation. In 2014 a negative or small online reputation can put your business at risk. This is why you need more than just SEO. Dentists need reputation… Read more [+]


Online Advertising Trends for 2014…Are search and display advertising working for you?

PPC Management and Online Advertising Trends for 2014 This is an infographic by SCORE, a great resource for small business owners. This graphic shows how the trends of online advertising are moving largely from traditional PPC and display advertising (banner ads) to social media advertising and more “in-stream” vehicles. I believe some of the numbers… Read more [+]