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Better Google ranking with HTTPS

https url boosts ranking in google

Better Google rankings with HTTPS

Google has now decided to factor HTTPS into their indexing of websites. Now, sites using HTTPS will be ranked higher than HTTP sites in the Google index.

This change provides an opportunity for websites using HTTP to improve their site’s security while achieving a higher index by switching to HTTPS. To understand why HTTPS is now a part of Google’s search results ranking index, you need to know what HTTPS is and what using it does for a website (besides improve it’s ranking).

What is HTTPS and Why Switch?

Seeing https url boosts ranking in googleHTTPS at the beginning of a web address lets a user know the website provides a secure connection. A small picture of a lock appears by the website’s URL and alerts the user that they are safe. They feel more comfortable submitting information to a website using encryption like this. Google represents this user preference now with higher ranking for HTTPS sites, encouraging sites to beef up their security and switch from the vulnerable HTTP. Switching a site from unprotected to secure adds user trust and a higher index rank.
The standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) of a website is improved for security purposes within a Transport Layer Security or Secure Sockets Layer to create HTTPS. This security is in place to guard an HTTPS website user and protect their information. When a website user enters their information on a site that uses HTTPS, the information is safely transported from their computer to the website and server in a connection that is protected with encryption. This encryption is what keeps the data exchanged between user and website safe.

How This Effects Businesses when changing your url to HTTPS:

When a business changes their website to HTTPS, it will see a rise in ranking within search results thanks to the new Google algorithm. In addition to the improvement in rank, their website’s users will have more protection when sharing information. For now the algorithm is low strength to allow for website URL adjustment from HTTP to HTTPS, but businesses that switch immediately will see the rise before their slower competitors.

Google will check sites to see if they have correctly transitioned to HTTPS. Businesses must include HTTPS in site maps and make sure that their HTTPS site does not redirect or lead their users to an HTTP link.

With site that has been changed to HTTPS the search results will rank it higher and it’s users will have more protection and a greater trust of the business.

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